Basic Criteria to make a hotel selection

When choosing a hotel for your stay, it’s important to consider many factors before booking. Depending on the purpose of being a business travel or a simple vacation, the hotel selection is an important choice that can ruin or enhance the experience of your stay. So what factors should you think about when choosing your hotel?

Location! Location! Location! – this is the first mantra that one must follow before making a booking at a hotel. If you are hoping for a quiet, peaceful break, then make sure you choose a secluded hotel away from the hectic cities and importantly, away from evening traffic. If you sleep lightly, then even the smallest amount of nearby traffic can interrupt a good night’s sleep. Ensure that your hotel is within striking distance of any activities or events you plan to attend. There can be nothing worse than planning your break around an event, only to find that your hotel is too far away from it! Ensure that your hotel is near the airport, station or a local bus route if you plan to travel by public transport during your stay. Roland Hotel’s USP is its location – it is an amalgam of business, entertainment and shopping. There is the Forum mall, the Soho Nightclub, plenty of eateries combined with the convenience of the Rabindra Sadan metro station, all of which serve to make it a very prized location.

A very important factor is the price and the quality of service available. Always do research on the internet for customer reviews and ratings prior to making an assessment. Many a time, the website of the hotel might promise many things in terms of staff attendance and level of service. However honest customer reviews can help build your view of the hotel prior to checking in. Wherein the majority of reviews are made in a poor light, its best to strike the hotel off your list. Similarly, the price of the room is an important factor, besides other hidden costs. For example, chargeable extras like meals, use of facilities, late check out, car parking and in-room entertainment, are areas one needs to look out for. Importantly, always check the criteria for the meals included. It can be heart breaking to find that the evening meals you enjoyed whilst you stayed weren’t included when you checked out. At Roland, we follow the standard of providing breakfast as complimentary with the room.

Make sure the hotel has the facilities you are expecting. For most guests, especially business travellers, the prospect of free Wi-Fi is an important amenity. Many hotels will provide an endless list of the facilities it has available, but upon arrival you More and more people are using multiple devices when they travel, and I think the expectation is, whether they’re in a hotel room or on an airline, you can access free Wi-Fi most anywhere you go. While many hotels are pouring money into sprucing up business centers and other common areas to appeal to corporate trekkers, many survey respondents said they would prefer to work in their rooms instead. Since guests sometimes prefer to work or meet in the lobby or common area, hotel brands are looking at improving their common areas which guests also use for social interactions with other guests. Hotels partnering with leisure centres and spa’s is increasingly common, so always check which facilities are available on-site and which are in the surrounding areas. Check if there is an additional cost to using any of the facilities. Also guests like to have the convenience of a refrigerator or coffee/tea maker within the room. At Roland, we understand how important and crucial these facilities are for the comfort of the guest. We provide free snack baskets along with coffee/Tea maker in the rooms. Free Wi-Fi within the room and at public places in the hotel are part of the things on offer. We have a good collection of DVDs for our guests to choose from for a leisurely movie break. We also offer free services such as laundry, shoe-shine and newspaper. We make your working experience hassle-free by messenger services besides emergency fax, print or Xerox services. We also provide an in-house doctor to handle any medical emergency.

Finally, always try to find out how long the staff within the hotel has been in full operation and how long the manager and senior staff have been working there. Firstly, it will give you confidence in the hotel to know they have been operational for a long period of time. As far as the staff in Roland goes, we have efficient and trained personnel who have been with us for a long time. The staff is well aware of the expected standard of service and can efficiently handle 24*7 room services. Overall, we take pride in having a competent customer care service to take care of your suggestions, feedback or grievances.



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