Roland Hotel welcomes guests for winter festivals in Kolkata

Roland Hotel is one of the leading hotels of Kolkata that ensures world class service to its guests at really reasonable rates. With 27 stylishly decorated rooms this hotel calling on guests to bask in the winter beauty of Kolkata. It has all the modern amenities that you may look for while vacationing these days, like complimentary breakfast to free WiFi services. In fact the central location in the Rowland Road makes it a convenient place to stay in. Guests can take advantage of this location and rejoice in the winter festivals in Kolkata with great pleasure.

The fact

It is true that Kolkata does not witness harsh winters like the northern states nor does it feel like the warm southern states during the winter months. This makes the climate of this city quite pleasant during the winter months. This means you can enjoy the sun in the mornings and snuggle up into your blanket at night. Then the untimely winter rains add to this by dipping the mercury further down by a few degrees. This means it is time to go out and have fun unlike the sweltering summer days.

Winter festivities

It is needless to say that this warming calls for some winter festivities that start from the Christmas, New Year celebrations, exhibitions, fairs and end with carnivals too. Yes there are quite a few winter festivals in Kolkata that you can still take pleasure in that during Jan-Feb are described in here:

The Kolkata Book Fair

This is the biggest winter attraction of the city that brings people of Kolkata into one single to celebrate the habit of book reading. Intellectuals, avid readers, students, celebrities and people who want to spend some quality also flock over to this fair to have a gala time. Rest assured if you are planning to visit Kolkata then you can certainly benefit from this fair.

The Sarwaswati Puja

Then we have the day devoted to Sarwaswati, the goddess of learning when students, teachers and mostly all offer their respect to her. This is a great day to celebrate like any other festival in Kolkata. The whole city is painted in yellow as that is the color associated with this goddess. It makes the city look pretty with little girls clad in sarees and boys in traditional India wear.

Valentine’s Day

This day that is celebrated on the 14th of February is commemorated in the same way like it is done worldwide. The day dedicated to love is celebrated with equal vigor in Kolkata as well. Of course the town is painted in red this day just like the entire world is.

To be honest then it has to be elucidated that Kolkata has no end to festivities. The city acts like a carnival all through the year as there something or the other that people get to celebrate in this City of Joy. The winter festivals in Kolkata are no exception to this rule that probably ends with the Bengali New Year which again marks the beginning of a new year of hope and celebrations.

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