Best Shopping Destinations In South Kolkata For Shopaholics

If you have only heard about Eden Gardens or Victoria Memorial, which Kolkata is famous for, you are yet to explore the unending shopping craze in Kolkata. The Kolkatans are busy throughout the year in purchasing their essentials. In fact, it’s not always essential but a peace of mind rather the most favourite pass time of the ladies.

So, pack your bags and get ready to enjoy a splendid vacation in this ‘City Of Joy’.

Where to stay:

Among numerous Seven Star hotels, Roland Hotel, is one of the most affordable and accessible ones for tourists. It is located in the heart of the city, from where you can enjoy visiting the best eateries, irresistible shopping places and spending quality time with your loved ones at the splendid venues. With pleasant atmosphere and amicable assistance of the staffs, you will find this too homely to give a five star rating.

As, we were talking about the shopping craze in Kolkata, here we will guide you about the shopping venues you will find nearby this hotel.

Gariahat market:

From Ronald Hotel, Gariahat Market is just too neighbouring. The Gariahat Road is in the heart of South Kolkata, near Ballygaunge. Wide array of shopping places, restaurants, shoe-stores, cheap electronic goods, furniture showrooms and you can even buy a pet of your choice. And once you are in here in Gariahat Market, you will simply be awestruck with the unending variety of stalls all around the area. If you are exhausted after a heavy duty bagging, fuel your system with delicious kathi rolls, panipuri, samosa, famous sweets, chowmein and lot other dishes.

Dakshinapan Shopping Center

This is another open air shopping place in South Kolkata, nearer to Ronald Hotel. Ranging from Indian handicrafts, artefacts to clothes and accessories, you can enjoy the wonderful craft works from different countries all over the world here. Dolly’s Tea Shop is something you simply can’t miss out. This shop is so beautifully decorated along with 20 fruit flavoured and iced tea that you would love to visit again and again. Some gifts you can also collect from here for your loved ones. This market remains closed on Sundays and Monday it is open up to 2 pm. The rest of the weekdays it remains opened from 11 to 7:30 in the evening.

South City:

You can call it the best shopping arcade in Kolkata. Just as the name says, this mall is located at the extreme southern section of the city (On Prince Anwar Shah Road). The entire structure has a shopping area of 1,000,000 sq ft with a vehicle parking capacity, which makes it the biggest shopping mall in Eastern India. Even if you are not a shopaholic, you will be tempted to buy gods from approximately 134 stores in this mall including Pantaloons, Shopper’s Stop and many other international brands. The food court at the top will offer you the best savour when you are hungry. At Fame Cinema Multiplex you can also enjoy any of the blockbuster movies.
Welcome to Kolkata!

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