5 Most Haunted Places in Kolkata

The City Of Joy does not have only rich cultural stories to tell, but some of the spookiest places are also there. Some of the haunted places in Kolkata require very brave heart to step there after evening hours. We have listed down 5 most haunted places in Kolkata; even for those who do not feel bloody cold when ghosts mentioned.

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1.South Park Cemetery

Cemeteries are always creepy but nothing can be compared with the South Park Cemetery, Kolkata. It has been reported that people visiting this place faced unexpected death. Some years ago, when a group of friends went to visit the spot, faced weirdest things. Previously, a photo shooter faced an unexpected asthma attack; though, he never had been an asthma patient.

2.Writer’s Building

According to the History of Indian Freedom Fighters, three young people, Binay, Dinesh and Badal killed Captain Simpson, from East India Company in this building. The officials never stay beyond the official hours as the spirit roams. The building is one of the most important working spots in Kolkata, yet none dares stay here after evening.

3.Putulbari: The House of Dolls

Doesn’t this name sound too spooky? This spooky ‘House of Dolls’ is located at Ahiritola, right in the opposite the Ganges. You’ll be amazed to find the Roman designs of the dolls, mainly around the thrilling terrace. You will find some people still living in this building, but none of them yet dare step in the upper stories, after evening hours.

This place used to be reigned by the wealthy zamindars once and they sexually exploited many young women. Till date their souls hover in this place and you may listen to their cries at night.

4.National Library

This is one of the oldest Buildings of Kolkata and resident of the Governor Generals of India. The Local folks say, According to the locals, Lady Metcalfe had the dangerous mania of cleanliness. She hated it if anyone touched her things or misplaced things from its former positions. In fact, even if you visit the main reading room of library, and lose yourself in the midst of innumerable scattered books, you will feel her breath on your neck. This has been tested and proved to be true. So, it is better not to try it.

5.Hastings House, Alipore

British Governor General Warren Hastings was the owner of this heritage ‘Hastings House’. He built this for himself and it became one of the oldest establishments of Alipore.
Presently, this is a Women’s College of Calcutta University. Students say that they have seen a man riding a horse who enters the campus and searches for some documents. That man is believed to be Warren Hastings himself.

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