Best North Indian food items from the Hotels in Kolkata

Kolkata is exactly a melting pot of ethnicity. This eminence is usually emphasized with its rich culinary traditions. For instance, the Mughals introduced the love for biryani with thick gravy, the omnipresent “kathi roll” was the contribution of the Mohmedan community and that Hakka love was from the Chinese immigrants. Their candid recipes became well-known as ‘Indian-Chinese’ food with the neighboring spices. These food items are so popular in this city that the hotels in Kolkata include all these food items as a must have. From the light bread and stew for breakfast to the tender sizzlers and steaks, almost every kind of delicious food items can be relished in the city.

Why Roland is the best of all?

For a cost-effective living in the City of Joy, Roland Hotel is the best option to go for. With the breakfast, lunch as well as dining facility, you can simply enjoy your happy moments with your friends or family. The homely atmosphere, luxurious arrangements and well-behaved staffs of this hotel make it one of the most renowned hotels in Kolkata.

Here is a list of the top North Indian restaurants in Kolkata, where you should visit at least once to fill your stomach with delicious North-Indian food.


Though the era of Mughal Empire has gone out of public consciousness, their regal inheritance was passed on through the spectacular cuisines like biryani, kathi roll, kebabs and more. One of the foremost exponents of Mughlai cookery in Kolkata is Arsalan. This popular restaurant has chain outlets across the country and abroad. From the time when it was founded on October 6th 2002, Arsalan has been serving a wide variety of Mughlai food ranging from Biryani, Kebabs to a huge array of rotis and parathas with luscious Tandoori side dishes.


Shiraz Golden Restaurant

Amidst Kolkata’s mushrooming eatery industry, Shiraz Golden Restaurant is the pride of Kolkata foodies. This is another pioneering association in the empire of Mughlai food, renowned for the mutton Biriyani and kebabs. It is almost mandatory to taste its delicacies while you are visiting the city. Food mavens can make their choice from the huge variety of kebabs, risala, delicious chops as the perfect accompaniments for the main course. Numbers of outlets are now opened depending upon the public demand and all of them are holding their fame high.


North Indian Food in Kolkata – ‘Party’ time at Afraa, Kolkata

Address: Block G, City Centre 1, Sector 1, Salt Lake, Kolkata.

Afraa, in Saltlake, Sector 1, a restaurant cum nightclub, is considered to be the most luxurious multi-cuisine restaurants in Kolkata. The North Indian food items are too delicious to be tasted for once at least. You’re going to love the outer area for seating and enjoying your time with friends and family members. Romantic meals, parties, or simple clubbing, the place is a completely power-packed to meet all your needs. It’s a bit costlier than other places, but it’s worthy enough!

So which one are you planning to hit next? Have this eatery guide at hand and enjoy the succulent North Indian food in Kolkata.

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