8 Common Types Of People You Meet At The Hotels In Kolkata


Roland Hotel, being one of the splendid hotels in Kolkata, offers you all sorts of amenities to make your trip memorable with comfort. Whether you are a shopaholic, foodie or businessperson, Roland hotel will never disappoint you. With pleasurable ambiance and agreeable support of the staffs here, you will never miss your home.

Even when you are looking forward to spend some good time with your friends or loved ones, you’ve vast choice of good eateries, alluring shopping places and some splendid venues.

Let’s take a look at what kind of people you can meet at the hotels in Kolkata.


The Lovey-dovey Couples:

The new setting of the hotels habitually brings on one of the two outcomes; either they will fight with each other if one member of the couple dislikes the setting of the hotels or else they will be something like ‘Terminal Travelove’ for the rest of the trip. There will be cozy moments between the two, random affectionate touches will show their love for each other, and perhaps you experience a beautiful proposal.


The Family People:

If you love kids, you are going to love these people. Kids will make noise and keep running everywhere in the hotel. So, it depends on you how much tolerant you are! If you don’t like kids, your holiday is at stake.


The Nocturnal Natives:

They prefer operating at night. These folks are the ones who order food items at night and with these people, you will never face any crisis on your vacation. It seems as if they rule over the time and the clock goes according to them.


Absurd Travelers:

They are just ridiculously healthy and highly proficient couples, who believe in curious traveling with small kids. Usually, they prefer the cool places rather fatal things. Strange enough, their children converse in multiple languages to everyone. They believe in spending less money but enjoying more than you do.


The Organized Travelers:

These people have already carefully chalked out every possible facet of their journey and they remain excited to accomplish it successfully. Their hotels are reserved along with the tourist spots. In one word, they are kind of all sorted guys who are prepared to enjoy the trip. If you expect them to adjust their plans to put up yours, it will better for you to remove yourself eventually from the group.


The Gap-year Tourists:

Such travelers are mostly visible with three or more friends along with colorful wristbands collected from different festivals or some recently attended bar crawls. They have a tendency of bringing the souvenirs back from their trips. Taking selfies in the popular destinations with their bathing costumes, delicious breakfast and dinner is a very common part of their to-do list.


The Party Beasts

They live on drinks throughout their life. With delicious breakfast, they would like to order some drinks to make it refreshing. Drinks with lunch, make it tastier and dinner with drinks is something truly amazing. Full on music with crazy steps and continuous boozing sessions are the sources of happiness for them. As they say, it helps their brains work faster.


‘Wise’ is gold:

The young as well as middle-aged people love to maintain a safe distance from him. Often their suggestions seem to be one of the most striking advices you have ever heard in life. But none can beat his knowledge and excellence when it comes to exploring new spots. You will learn to think in a different way and those descriptions make you more enriched.



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