The most overlooked hotel amenities for weddings

Booking a hotel for a family wedding isn’t just about comfortable accommodation for your guests. There are several hotel amenities which are absolutely critical for the entire 2-3 day stay to be pleasant and well-organized.

One of the most important features a hotel must have is a banquet hall, which guests can use for all non-function gatherings. These include breakfast, lunch, and hi-tea for all your out-station guests, small rituals that are to be done within the family, mehndi functions, as well as a pre-assembly area for all guests to meet before leaving for the wedding venues. Without a banquet hall, it gets extremely difficult to assemble your guests as most guests end up standing in the lobby or out on the road while waiting for other guests to arrive. At Roland Hotel, we have a state-of-the-art banquet hall which can accommodate up to 150 people.

The second most important feature is plenty of car parking, as weddings are all about huge family gatherings, picking up and dropping guests to the wedding venue, making arrangements to send or receive items for the rituals, flowers, sweets, etc. Roland Hotel is located in the heart of the city and has 20 car parkings within the premises, which makes it very convenient for all kinds of group stays.

Another huge advantage at Roland Hotel is the option to bring your own caterer/maharaj to prepare breakfast/lunch/dinner for your guests who might have very specific food requirements such as no onion/garlic, etc. At Roland Hotel, there is a separate area on the terrace which is used by outdoor caterers to ensure that guests enjoy the food quality and menu that they desire. This does not interfere with the hotel kitchen and food preparation can be monitored independently.

Finally, Roland Hotel offers exclusivity for groups by allowing guests to book every single room at the hotel. This ensures that your guests are given a warm homely welcome, as the entire family can be put up in one place without any other outsiders. This provides a wonderful family atmosphere and imbibes family unity and togetherness like no other. These features make Roland Hotel one of the best choices for all kinds of group stays, as it offers the best in accommodation and affordability.

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